Quality is our highest priority and is the fundamental basis to gain and maintain the trust of our customers.
  • AMA Quality Seal of Approval

    The AMA seal ensures independent controls and stands for conventionally produced foods which meet exceptional quality criteria and origin is traceable.

    Exceptional Quality
    There are quality seal requirements for each product, which are tested with objective methods and go far beyond the legal requirements.

    Verifiable Origin
    Thestamped lettering as well as the country colours, confirm the verifiable origin of the product.

    Independent Controls
    Controls take place at all levels of production and processing until the product lands in the stores.Besides the permanent self-monitoring of the enterprises there is regular monitoring by independent and specialised examiners.

    Read more on: www.ama-marketing.at

  • Without Genetic Manipulation (GM-free)

    Austria has Europe's first integrated system for genetic manipulation free(GM-free) labelling. Strict guidelines for cultivation and production, as well as regular checks provide security and transparency for consumers and producers. The labelling scheme of ARGE GM-free enables a credible award-system for foods that have been produced without the use of genetic engineering/manipulation

    Read more on: www.gentechnikfrei.at

  • Controlling Authorities

    Inform yourself about the complete control and quality of eggs and egg products from Austria: www.kontrollstelle.at

    The necessary controls by AMA, ABG, MAY (controlling authorities for species-appropriate animal husbandry),have been performed and Hygienicum, for IFS standard version 5. Therefore, all of the commercial required standards have been met and adhered to. For more information and results of numerous studies and analyses of the agricultural markets in Austria, especially for eggs and poultry products, please visit:

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Quality is our highest priority and is the fundamental basis to gain and maintain the trust of our customers.

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