Approximately 236 eggs – this is for years the average annual egg consumption per Austrian citizen. Fried, boiled, baked or used as an important accompaniment to other foods. Of these 1.84 Billion eggs, 75% were laid in Austrian egg-laying hen farms.
In Austria you can find confirmation of hen rearing-conditions, by referring to the first number of the producer-code, which is clearly stampedon the labelling.
  • 0 = Bio-Organic eggs
  • 1 = Free range eggs
  • 2 = Barn eggs
  • 3 = Cage reared or small groups reared in laying batteries
Cage rearing for laying hens has been banned in Austria since January 2009.

Eggs are divided into 4 weight-classes according to their weight.

SSmallunder 53g
MMedium53g to under 63g
LLarge63g to under 73g
XLExtra Large73g and more

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