• In 1966 Alois Hütter sen. began with the rearing of laying hens in Katzendorf nr. Gnas, Austria and purchased the first farming-plant facility from the Salment company.
  • 1970 Founding of the Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH & Co KG (Gnaser Fresh Egg Productions) at the current headquarters in Burgfried 124 and the simultaneous construction of the first hen-coops at the new location. The shareholders were Mr. Richard Schropper, Mr. Josef Gsellmann sen., Mr. Emmerich Hermann sen. And Mr. Alois Hütter sen..
  • 1983 Establishment of a sorting hall, with all of the eggs collected centrally from 10 coop facilities (with 245,000 hens per 9,000 m2) and installation of a sorting machine Staalkat ECM 1800 with an hourly capacity of around 50,000 eggs per hour.
  • 1992 Extension of a packaging hall, to meet the need for additional storage space.
  • 1994 Start of cooperation with the first contract-farmers’for the free range and barn-egg divisions.
  • 1999 Stopping own egg production on the operational site and broadening the cooperation with contract-farmers, in all types of hen-rearing forms.
  • 2001 Renovationof the packaging hall, with 4 docking bays for the delivery of eggs from contract-farmers.
  • Since 2002 the company has been successfully led by the two sons, Mr. Andreas Hutter and CEO Alois Hütter jr..
  • 2003 Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH & Co KG was converted to Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH.
  • 2006 Installation of a Staalkat Ardenta with an hourly capacity of 100,800 eggs per hour.
  • 2011 Installation of a second Staalkat Ardenta and expansion of the distribution centre with four docking bays andrespectively, conversion of the heat-generation to renewable energy (wood chips) and construction of new recreation and staff rooms.
  • 2012 Founding and construction of the sister company EIVITA Austria KG - first dry egg-powder processing plant in Austria. www.eivita.at
  • 2013 Now having49 employees, about 24 million eggs will be graded, packed and shipped to the customersper month. The number of agricultural suppliers stands at over 200 companies, supplyingBio-Organic Free-range, Free-range and Barn eggs, with a total of approximately 1.4 million laying hens.
    Therewith, Gnaser Frischei covers around 20% of the egg supply sector, based on the average Austrianper capita consumption of 236 eggs per year.
  • The current shareholders of Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH and EIVITA Austria KG are Mr. Walter Schropper, Mr. Josef Gsellmann jr., Mr. Emmerich Hermann jr., Mr. Andreas Hütter and Mr. Alois Hütter jr..

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