Our company is a traditional, high-performance, future-oriented and customer focused enterprise, whilst together concentrating great emphasis on quality and progress.


The egg-packing centre is the heart of our operation. The eggs are collected from various production-farms daily using the latest technology and then delivered to the packing centre. Our highly trained team monitors the eggs against dirt, leaks, blood, hairline cracks, including any possible damage and for cleanliness, because quality is also characterised by hygiene. Furthermore, the sorting is done according to the official trade-class definitions that also correspond to the markings on the packaging or labels,which are all according to national regulations and EU directives. All eggs are marked with the producer code, according to source, rearing-conditions and laying date and these can be consequently detected. We package and deliver eggs daily according to customer demands.

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Quality is our highest priority and is the fundamental basis to gain and maintain the trust of our customers.

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